Thursday, May 20, 2010

Light and Shadow

It has been awhile since I looked to this blog - I hold a BA in History from an accredited university now. The events leading up to this accomplishment have taken up most of my time, so this project fell to the wayside. Now that I have a little more time on my hands, I have picked up the "pen" again, and have looked at other sources of inspiration for my d20 Advanced game and setting.

This post is about light, and how D&D doesn't have a light magician. Illusionists who have access to the evocation school can do it, but that's the same as saying that all generalists can take the Extra Spell Slot feat, so all forms of specialization are meaningless. The point of the Philosophical schools was to allow for more focused training, to add character to the art of spellcasting. With that in mind, I have created the Rainbow Curriculum.

1.Color Spray
2.Hypnotic Pattern, Rainbow Beam
3.Rainbow Blast, Scintillating Sphere, Prismatic Mist
4.Rainbow Pattern, Radiant Fog, Radiant Shield
5.Prismatic Ray
6.Prismatic Beam
7.Prismatic Spray, Prismatic Eye
8.Prismatic Wall, Scintillating Pattern
9.Prismatic Sphere

Necromancy as Forbidden school.

+3 Bonus to Spot skill checks
May cast Dancing Lights at will.

At 8th level, may automatically add +3 to the DC of all saving throws made against spells in this school.

This school is designed around the Pathfinder variant of the wizard schools (which I find myself in favor of generally, and will use some variant of it in Ad20). I will have to go back and fix the Creationism curriculum to match this new design philosophy, but there you go - a DM's work is never done.

As for where this curriculum may be studied - I haven't done very much with Avalon as far as magic goes, and the nature of this school reminds me of the fae so much that I think I'll place it there, in the city of Bryn Shandor. I envision the school as a holdover of magical practice from before the Court Wars, so it predates the arrival of Avalon to the northern hemisphere. That makes it at least 610 years old, so I'll round it out to an even 650 and call it an afternoon.

I like the save DC bonus for the spells in this school - maybe I'll use it more often for philosophical schools. Time will tell.