Monday, June 15, 2009

The Story So Far... Part One

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The party is located in the eastern countryside of Silva, on the Cruwin River just west of the Silverlode Mountains, four days south of Long Lake. Previous adventures into the Silverlode have uncovered the remains of an ancient burial site, possibly belonging to a civilization long forgotten by modern man. A party of adventurers has assembled to investigate the ruins and see if there is any profit to be made.

The party originally consisted of

Wahleed: A human diplomat and Sha'ir from the Brass Hills in Eastern Kadaq.

Ielenia Galanodel: A half-elven ranger from parts unknown.

Hinda: A human cleric of Ghen from the lands beyond Chey.

Tordek: A dwarven fighter from the Bloodwall Tunnels.

The initial expedition seemed poorly fated from the outset. The entrance was safe enough, but a little ways into the second chamber, and the party found itself under attack from strange creatures that Hinda identified as Wights. As the group dispatched the first batch, Tordek headed to the southern end of the chamber to scout for other entrances and keep guard. As the minutes passed, he became bored and began to relieve himself on a nearby statue.

It was then that the next wave of horrors struck.

The second wave of Wights struck from two different locations, their very timing and precision speaking of a foul and unholy cunning. The first group struck at the wounded party, while the second made for the pack animals the party had grouped near the entrance to the tomb. As the adventures attempted to rally, Tordek broke ranks in an attempt to save the pack animals. Unfortunately, he was not enough to stem the undead tide, and was slain.

Thus perished Tordek.

The rest of the party managed to kill off the offending creatures, but were horribly wounded, and needed time for rest and recuperation. They carefully bivouacked just beyond the entrance to the tomb, not wanting to face whatever else the tomb might have while sleeping. The following morning, far more rested, the group ventures in again. This time, they attempt to enter the westernmost chamber, where the second wave of Wights had attacked from the previous day.

The chamber is covered in spider webs and egg sacks, and displays a solitary statue, proclaiming this area the burial chamber of those who died serving the great warrior Teshy of Kleed. After a few minutes of investigation, the adventurers manage to discover a secret entrance beneath the statue that leads into the burial chambers. The ancient ladder leading down has long since rotted away, so Ielenia is sent to investigate using a rope. During the exploration, the egg sacks above the party begin to hatch.

The party manages to fight off a swarm of spiders, and a large mother with a poison stinger. Dazed and wounded (again), they fall back to the entrance while Hinda tends to their injuries. It is at this time that they are greeted by a traveller who offers to help them in thier explorations in exchange for a percentage of whatever they acquire. Feeling the need for another swordarm (and believing that the newcomer is not likely to survive long enough to collect his share anyway), the party agrees.

Enter Meatwad, a human fighter from unknown regions.

After a few hours of rest and re-equipping, the party attempts to follow the path of the second chamber, which leads them to a series of tunnels and a cave entrance guarded by two small bands of skeletons. The cave entrance brings them to a ledge above a pile of treasure and bones partially immersed in water from a nearby underground lake. Just as the party is about to descend to the lower level and loot the area, they spy a large leathery beast surfacing from the lake. The treasure is a dragon's lair, and the dragon has come home.