Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Session #4: Part One

With the battle with the Shaft Wights concluded, the party retrieved the body of Ielenia from the water, and contemplated their options. Meatwad and Wahleed were still interested in the platinum vein the mining had uncovered, and asked Alaric what he could do about the water in their way. The magic-user told them that he could try to pump the water out of the area and build a sluice to drain the water from the mine, but it would take a few days to construct. All members of the group felt that security during the construction would be impossible, and that more men and supplies were needed.

The next problem was how to get the extra men and equipment the party needed. They were already low on money, and the kind of materials they would need to pump the amount of water needed to drain the chamber (to say nothing of clearing the area of any additional Shaft Wights) was out of their financial range. It was then that Wahleed proposed that the party investigate the hole they had previously uncovered. If there was anything of value in the chambers below, they could use it to finance the mining.

Security was still a problem - Shaft Wights were still in the water, and the outside held unknown terrors. The party's mercenaries and various hangers-on would have to be put to use. In the middle of the discussion, and new wrinkle appeared. Emerging from the woods came a six-foot tall woman with horns on her head. She identified herself as Meggan, a Satyxis from lands beyond the Cirric. Her people had sent her to a new land to look for mating stock, and she had happened across the party en route to Long Lake.

Meggan took an immediate liking to Meatwad (much to Aleena's relief), and offered to join the group, in exchange for monetary compensation (and perhaps other forms of compensation as well). In light of the deaths of Tordek and Ielenia, the party felt that another warm body could not possibly hurt, and allowed her to join.

Enter Meggan, a satyxis from the Iles of Bergalad.

As the party made ready to enter the burial chambers, the group consisted of

Wahleed: A human diplomat and Sha'ir from the Brass Hills in Eastern Kadaq.

Hinda: A human cleric of Ghen from the lands beyond Chey.

Meatwad: A human fighter from parts unknown.

Meggan: A satyxis knight from the Iles of Bergalad.

Aleena: A human tavern wench and love-struck girlfriend of Wahleed.

Hren: A half-elven former slave and current ranger.

Alaric: A human engineer and magic-user from Silva.

Charles, Marko, and Kaine: Town guardsmen from Borderville hired to protect the party.

The final plan was laid out: Alaric and Marko were to guard the mine, and watch for the return of any Shaft Wights. Charles and Aleena were to remain with the wagon and supplies, to guard against animals and the like, while Hren and Kaine were to guard the entrance to the cave, ready to assist either group in needed. The remained of the group would descend into the pit beneath the staute of Teshy to see what (if anything) could be salvaged. They entered the pit a little after eleven o'clock, with a good seven hours of daylight left.