Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Session #4: Part 2

The shaft that led from the statue's base descended 30 feet, and led to a corridor covered with bones and spiderwebs. After a few moments to get their bearings, the adventurers followed the hallway into a large hall, nearly 100 feet long, with the entire floor covered with bones. At the far end of the hall, facing the way they had just come, was an enormous brass statue on a green and black marble base. The statue was obviously of the same man as the statue above, but in this rendition he was wearing a great helm.

The party investigated the chamber, and found numerous archways and blocked passageways. Beyond the statue, a large hallway, also filled with bones, stretched on towards a large altar. Aware that the most likely place for a trap was in the hallway between the saute and the altar, the party decided to brave that passage first.

They were not disappointed. Halfway down the hall, the floor beneath them gave way. Hinda managed to leap aside in time, but Wahleed fell into a roughly excavated hole with sharp rocks and bones at the bottom. As soon as the trap was sprung, a horde of tomb spiders descended on the party, covering Wahleed and surrounding the rest of the party.

As the party battled the spiders surrounding the pit, the vile creatures within swarmed over Wahleed, covering him in bites that infused his body with a vile necrosis. Feebly, he struggled to escape from the pit, his hands scratching at the rough walls, his struggles made vain against the swarm of arachnids.

Above, the rest of the party was faring no better. Meatwad and Meggan suffered the worst from the bites, but even as they struck back, they found their bodies beginning to weaken. Finally, Meggan fell, overcome by the horde. Her breath became shallow, but Hinda sensed that all was not lost yet. If they could rally quickly, they may yet be able to save her.

Finally, in desperation, Wahleed summoned up what divine power his pact with the genies had afforded him, and attempted to heal himself. Only then was the true nature of the tomb spider's poison revealed. As the healing power surged through him, the necrosis in his veins rebelled, tearing his body apart even as it healed. With a shriek of warning, Wahleed collapsed to the ground. The spiders descended on him, seeing easy prey for their webs.

Above, Meatwad and Hinda had battled back the creatures, scattering the swarms and reaching Meggan. As the cleric tended to the fallen Satyxis, Meatwad slid down the wall of the hole, and scattered the remaining spiders, hauling Wahleed to safety.